Andy Samberg's brilliant comedy Palm Springs is finally available to watch at home 2 years ago

Andy Samberg's brilliant comedy Palm Springs is finally available to watch at home

95% on Rotten Tomatoes, we finally get to see this nearly a year after it should've come out.

Initially released in July 2020 in the United States following months and months of fantastic word-of-mouth after the world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, we have been excited about seeing Palm Springs for the guts of a year now.


Cinemas unfortunately didn't open long enough to give it a big screen run over here, but thankfully, the movie has been added to a streaming service in Ireland this week.

The plot involves two wedding guests (Andy Samberg and Black Mirror star Cristin Miloti) who realise they've become stuck in a time-loop, forced to relive the same day at the wedding resort over and over again. Yes, it does initially sound a little bit like Groundhog Day, but it does take the central duo in some very different directions to that classic Bill Murray comedy.

The film has racked up a hugely impressive 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, and here are just a handful of those overwhelmingly positive reviews:

Empire - "It’s taken a long time getting here from across the Pond, but some things are worth waiting for. A wonderful, witty and weird spin on an old favourite, which seems destined to become a classic itself."


The Austin Chronicle - "It upholds deep respect for everything that makes a rom-com great: unabashed joy."

Time - The movie is so light on its feet that it never feels forced or didactic, even when it asks us to confront piercing truths about love and the elusive meaning of happiness."

ScreenRant - "Along with a sharp sense of humour and compelling performances, Palm Springs delivers an absolutely charming rom-com with a fun sci-fi twist."

The Playlist - "Palm Springs adds meaning to the seeming meaninglessness of life, with infectious fun and introspective pleasure to boot."


Palm Springs is available to watch on Prime Video from today (Friday, 9 April).

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