#TRAILERCHEST: Annabelle Comes Home is basically The Avengers of The Conjuring movies 3 years ago

#TRAILERCHEST: Annabelle Comes Home is basically The Avengers of The Conjuring movies

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Every scary demon they've ever faced, brought together under one roof.

Welcome to #TrailerChest, where we're taking a sneak peek at the brand new trailer for Annabelle Comes Home.


Plot's it all about?

As we've been told before, Annabelle Comes Home (aka Annabelle 3) is also doubling as the third Conjuring movie, with the haunted doll taking the center spot in the trinket room of the Warrens (the poltergeist-fighting couple from The Conjuring movies).

However, when a friend of their daughter visits and inadvertently releases Annabelle, the possessed porcelain figure then runs riot with the other demonic devices and souls trapped within the room, and it isn't long before all hell breaks loose. Almost literally in this case.

James Wan (who gave us some insight on what to expect) has obviously been busy recently making Aquaman, but he is still on board as writer and producer, with the directing gig going to first-timer Dauberman, who is no stranger to horror, having previously written the scripts for the first two Annabelle movies, as well as The Nun, It, and the upcoming It: Chapter Two.


Starring: Vera Farmiga, Mckenna Grace, Patrick Wilson

Directed by: Gary Dauberman

Irish release date: Friday 28 June



Clip via Warner Bros. Pictures

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