Attention, scary movie fans! The line-up for 2021's Horrorthon festival has been revealed 3 weeks ago

Attention, scary movie fans! The line-up for 2021's Horrorthon festival has been revealed

The line-up is full of perfect pre-Halloween movie viewing.

The biggest event of the year for Irish fans of scary movies, annual film festival Horrorthon returns next month from Friday, 22 October to Monday, 25 October.


Taking place in-cinema at the Irish Film Institute (IFI) in Dublin's Temple Bar and online on IFI@Home, the line-up features everything from the highly-anticipated Hollywood creature flick Antlers to the homegrown chiller Bring Out the Fear, as well as documentaries, portmanteau films and horrors from all around the world.

Speaking about this year's festival, which is to be held in-person and online, Horrorthon spokesman Mick Fox said: "We are more than excited to bring the festival back to the cinema as well as online the very day all restrictions are to hopefully lift.

"We've got 26 exciting, and gore-filled treats in store for you over the bank holiday four days. So, get ready for the event of the year. We can all get together once again and make it seem like old times."

Tickets for the festival are available to buy right here, right now, and the full festival line-up is as follows:

Friday, 22 October

Cyst – 13.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Midnight – 14.35 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It – 16.50 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
When the Screaming Starts – 18.45 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Deep House – 20.45 (IFI)
Forgiveness – 22.40 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Long Dark Trail – 22.50 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Red Snow – 23.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)

Saturday, 23 October


Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror – 12.00 (IFI and IFI@Home)
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – 15.45 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes – 17.20 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Ditched – 19.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Antlers – 20.50 (IFI)
Isolation – 22.50 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Love Hurts – 23.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Unburied – 23.10 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)

Sunday, 24 October

Post Mortem – 13.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Alien on Stage – 15.15 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
The Retaliators – 17.05 (IFI)
Crabs! – 19.10 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Broadcast Signal Intrusion – 20.50 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)

Monday, 25 October

Vampus Horror Tales – 13.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Buzz Cut – 15.05 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Bring Out the Fear – 17.10 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
We Need to Do Something – 19.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Sadness – 21.00 (IFI)


Main image via IFI