The titles for the four Avatar sequels have been revealed and they are..... really something 4 years ago

The titles for the four Avatar sequels have been revealed and they are..... really something


That is all we can say.



While we wait to find out the title to the Infinity War sequel (which is out in six months), we know apparently now the title to Avatar sequels which won't arrive until December 2025.

BBC have claimed to have seen documentation on the upcoming Avatar sequels, which includes the titles, and foregoing the usual numeric titling system, writer/director/producer/King Of The World James Cameron has gone all out:

Avatar: The Way of Water - due December 2020


Avatar: The Seed Bearer - due December 2021

Avatar: The Tulkun Rider - due December 2024

Avatar: The Quest for Eywa - due December 2025

So with a little over two years until the first sequel arrives, exactly 11 years since the original arrived and went on to become the biggest box office hit of all time ($2.788 billion, in case you'd forgotten), it looks like the sequel will be following through on the rumours we'd long heard about the plot diving into the oceans of Pandora.


Despite dying in the first one (spoilers for the biggest movie of all time), Sigourney Weaver is still back for the sequels, telling The Hollywood Reporter that "I’m busy doing Avatar 4 and 5. [I’m playing] a continuous character. We just finished shooting two and three.

"We shot it in LA and James has announced publicly that there’s a lot of underwater work, so we learned how to free dive and we did many scenes underwater which was challenging and kind of cool. [It is] kind of one story. They’re all independent. It works without 4 and 5, but it really is a big saga."

After that, we've got The Seed Bearer, which sounds like someone is gettting preggo. The Tulkun Rider... no idea, some no flying monster that Jake Sully has to master? And The Quest For Eywa, which was the guiding voice on the Na'Vi home planet, which we thought... they'd already found, no?

Either way, James Cameron seems pretty confident, telling Empire: "I can tell you one thing about them. They’re gonna be bitchin’. You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open."


Which sounds... unpleasant.