"Powerful" and award-winning Irish documentary to get digital home release 1 year ago

"Powerful" and award-winning Irish documentary to get digital home release

"Good night and joy be with you all..."

Powerful. Heartbreaking. Inspiring.


Just some of the words used to describe Endless Sunshine On A Cloudy Day, the Irish documentary which won the coveted Audience Award and deservedly received a "rapturous standing ovation" at the recent Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival in March 2020.

In his impressive directorial debut, John Connors follows the story of the late Jade McCann, an Irish influencer who sadly died at the age of 24 in October 2019.

In 2018, Jade had begun documenting what life was like living with her father’s cancer, only to then receive the tragic news that she too had a rare form of the disease as she was diagnosed with Scarmaonga 4.

The documentary was originally temporarily released on April 7 to mark International World Health Day, but due to the phenomenal response it's since received, Connors and Irish production company, Cluster Fox Films, will now be releasing the film for sale online on Tuesday 12 May.

You can show your support by watching on the official website here or on Vimeo here.

A moving and honest display of incredible strength and hope, Endless Sunshine On A Cloudy Day is so much more poignant now than ever, as families in Ireland and all around the world suffer the heartbreak of losing loved ones, both young and old, to an unforgiving disease.


If you'd like to learn more about Jade and her inspirational story, you can also watch this episode of Girls With Goals where she sat down Niamh Maher to talk about living with cancer and the shock to the system when the online world clashes with the real world.

For more information on the documentary, you can click here.