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22nd Feb 2017

Bad news for anyone praying for a Step Brothers sequel

Darragh Murphy

This news comes straight to you from planet bullshit… in the galaxy of this sucks camel dicks.

Since Step Brothers hit our screens in 2008, we’ve been waiting to see more antics from Dale Doback and Brennan Huff but one half of the film’s hilarious double-act, Will Ferrell, has poured cold water on any chance of a sequel in the foreseeable future.

Ferrell, who plays Brennan Huff in the movie, has bad news for fans of the comedy who have been praying for a part two.

“You have to resist the temptation,” Ferrell told Rolling Stone. “It’s just tough because the things everyone wants you to do sequels of are special because there’s not a sequel of it. I guess we’ll see, but as of now there are no plans. We just don’t want to be doing sequels of everything.”

Step Brothers’ writer and director Adam McKay, who has also worked with Ferrell and his co-star John C. Reilly on Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in 2006, also revealed that he’s not tempted to try to recreate the magic that made Step Brothers one of the greatest comedies of the 21st century.

But there may be some hope for fans to cling to as McKay has insisted that he would “never say never” on a Step Brothers 2.

“Maybe we’d do it in 10 years,” McKay also told Rolling Stone. “I said ‘no’ at one point. And then I realised it was foolish of me to say that, because the older they get, the funnier the joke may get. I definitely would not say no to that now. For a second I did, just ’cause comedy sequels are like the hardest thing to do ’cause half the joke’s out of the bag already.”

So while you come to terms with the fact that there will be no more room for activities for at least a decade, why not try this Step Brothers quiz to ease the pain?

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