WATCH: Bernard Brogan got quite the send-off on The Late Late Show 3 years ago

WATCH: Bernard Brogan got quite the send-off on The Late Late Show

Plus, you have to admit it, the man has great hair.

Just one day after officially announcing his retirement from inter-country football, Bernard Brogan joined Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show on Friday to discuss why he felt now was the right time to go.


The winner of seven All-Ireland medals, five National Football League awards, four All-Star Awards, and a National Player Of The Year award (are we forgetting anything?), Brogan was honest and charming on the couch, but before he got too detailed about, Tubs played a short video of famous folk sending in their best wishes.

And yes, one of them came all the way from Japan...

The 35-year-old discussed how the hardest part of retiring was leaving the WhatsApp group, and revealed that he still carries around his All-Ireland medal from 2011, but Brogan was upfront about the exact moment he decided he was going to call it quits:


"I held on as long as I could, but at 35 it was time to let go. I kind of knew throughout the year that this was a bit of a bonus year for me.

"At the start of the year I had a bit of a chat with Jim (Gavin, Dublin manager) to see if I could offer something. I always said that I'll stay until I feel I can offer something or until the management team feel I can offer something that another lad can't.

"I still feel I had the energy and I had the spark. I got a bad injury last year. I was moving really well and it took me out the whole year, more or less."

You can watch the full clip right here:


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And is if that wasn't enough, Brogan also got quite the reaction from viewers, too, but one in particular was a stand out for us...