What is the best Colm Meaney movie? 2 years ago

What is the best Colm Meaney movie?

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Aside from the obvious answer, which would be "All of them."

This isn't as easy a question to answer as you might think.


Sure, Colm Meaney is usually brilliant in everything he has been a part of, but he has been a part of so many great things, and not always movies you would think of as being "Colm Meaney movies".

Not sure what we mean?

Well, just take a look below at The Big Reviewski's Big Question this week (and send us on your answers here), from 02:54, to see the full width and depth of potential answers to the question:


Since it was Rory's question, he gets to answer first, and he went with Layer Cake. Meaney is a proper vicious gangster in this underappreciated gem. It was also the movie that lined up Daniel Craig as the new Bond, and director Matthew Vaughn went on to take on Hollywood with the likes of Kingsman and X-Men: First Class.

Next up, Eoghan went with another movie that fans of Meaney might not automatically associate with the Irish actor: Under Siege. Yep, the Steven Seagal sea-set action thriller featured Meaney in a memorable supporting role. And when you manage to be memorable when acting opposite Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, then you know you're doing something right.

Justine... went with The Snapper. Because of course someone had to go with The Snapper, and we're lucky that it wasn't all four people answering the question went with The Snapper. And we don't really need to explain why anyone would choose The Snapper, do we?

And finally, Paul - who was lucky enough to chat to Meaney at length - went with The Van, the third in the Roddy Doyle movies that he has appeared in, after The Commitments and The Snapper, and perhaps he will be returning to that world again soon, as he alludes to in the conversation below:


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