QUESTION: What is the best MCU movie to date? 5 years ago

QUESTION: What is the best MCU movie to date?

Nineteen to choose from, but which was your favourite?

In case you didn't already know, Avengers: Infinity War is released in cinemas, and is already on course to becoming one of the biggest box office success of all time, if the opening weekend numbers are to be believed.


On this week's episode of The Big Reviewski, the conversation came up about what everyone's favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie was, and there was A LOT of love for one entry in particular...

(It kicks off at the 04:20 and goes on until 09:30)

Yes, as you can hear, both Paul and Rory went for Captain America: The Winter Soldier - which was also echoed by Irish writer and director David Freyne, who you can also hear chatting about the MCU - while Eoghan tells the story about his time he went to see The Winter Soldier in the cinema and had a truly terrible time.


That must have been enough to ensure it never got another go, because instead Eoghan went with The Avengers aka Avengers Assemble aka the first time the gang all got together.

Even looking back at it now, it does seem so small scale in comparison, with Loki causing mischief for a few folk in Manhattan, as opposed to Thanos getting his finger-click on and wiping out half of the known universe in one go.

So tell us, what was your favourite MCU movie so far? Reply on Twitter or on Facebook and we'll read out the best answers on the next episode of The Big Reviewski!