QUESTION: What is your favourite movie monster? 5 years ago

QUESTION: What is your favourite movie monster?

From Freddy to Shrek, there are a lot to choose from.

Monsters appear to be back in vogue lately, what with The Rock taking on a trio of them in his latest blockbuster Rampage, as well as being the cause of all of the scary trouble in the hit horror A Quiet Place, the current box-office hit Pacific Rim Uprising, plus all the excitement around The Meg!


So that was The Big Question on this week's episode of The Big Reviewski, which you can check out on the link below from 06:50 to 09:30...

Rory wanted to go with alien from his favourite movie Aliens, but afraid of being too obvious, went with a different alien instead, the shape-shifter from The Thing. Remember when it became an upside-down spider-head? Yeah. Scary stuff.

Eoghan chose The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth, the cute fairy eating, eyeballs-in-his-hands creep-fest that still has us losing sleep this this day.


And Paul, keeping it nice and simple, went with the predator from Predator, even though it has a weakness for 70-year-old Danny Glover, as we can kind of understand having a weakness for an in-his-prime Arnie.

So tell us, what is your favourite movie monster of all time?