QUESTION: What is your favourite movie stunt of all time? 2 years ago

QUESTION: What is your favourite movie stunt of all time?

When it comes to stunts, size does matter.

As we head further and further into summer blockbuster season, the movies get more explosive and the stunts and set-pieces get more spectacular, it got us to thinking about our favourite movie stunts of all time.


Plus, in case you missed it, we recently caught up with Dwayne The Rock Johnson for an Irish exclusive interview for his new movie Rampage, and that guy is well known for his love of a good action sequence.

You can listen to The Big Reviewski peeps discuss their favourite movie stunts in the link here, from 06:30 to 10:15...

Eoghan went with one of the greatest Bond stunts of all time, as Pierce Brosnan's stunt double stands on the edge of a huge dam, and then bungee jumps off of it. A truly epic way to kick off Goldeneye. If you've never seen it, check it out right here:

Clip via jejjhander

Rory went with another Bond stunt, the very next Brosnan outing, as Bond and his Tomorrow Never Dies co-star Michelle Yeoh ride on a motorcycle over the blades of a helicopter. A completely underappreciated stunt, considering how badly it all could have gone.


Clip via Frank Robinson

And finally, Paul went the complete other way, going with the funniest stunt that ever went wrong, as Andy Samberg kicks off his cult-comedy Hot Rod with a van-smashing stunt that goes very, VERY wrong.

Clip via Movieclips


So tell us, what do you think is the greatest movie stunt of all time? Sound off in the comments/replies on Facebook/Twitter, and we'll read out the best replies on the next episode of The Big Reviewski.