Here are the best movies on TV this evening 1 month ago

Here are the best movies on TV this evening

Never could get the hang of Thursdays...

It's a dreary day outside and there's very little to be doing. Luckily, tonight's selection of movies on TV has some very good options.

Amy - Channel 4 - 10pm

A tough and important watch, following one of the most talented and tragic artists of our times for 13 years until her death. Exposes the toxic nature of celebrity, and features contributions from Winehouse's father Mitch, and friends such as Pete Doherty and Mark Ronson.

Last Vegas - Sky Comedy - 9pm

An easy-watch comedy starring a bunch of very esteemed actors, like Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline. The premise is that they're all very old and they all go to party in Las Vegas.

The Brink - Sky Documentaries - 10.15pm

A documentary following Steve Bannon, the controversial strategist who spearheaded Donald Trump's presidential campaign before being unceremoniously fired, through 2017 - the year he changed the world.

Fury - ITV4 - 11pm

A veteran American sergeant leads a tank crew on one final dangerous mission in the last months of the Second World War. Brad Pitt leads the troops, but it's no Inglourious Basterds.

Lake Placid - Horror Channel - 9pm

A horror movie where Brendan Gleeson goes up against a giant, evil alligator. We should have a museum dedicated to this movie.