Here are the best movies on TV this evening 1 year ago

Here are the best movies on TV this evening

It is a scorcher out there.

But believe it or not... there's supposed to be some rain on the way. Perhaps by the time you read these words, it will be raining.


If it is, then you're probably indoors and looking for something to do. Might we suggest... some movies on TV?

Charlie Wilson's War - Sky Atlantic, 9pm

A political drama starring Tom Hanks, the ultimate dad movie. Also has Julia Roberts and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

The Money Pit - Sky Comedy, 9pm

MORE Tom Hanks. This time in an '80s comedy about a couple who try to renovate a house, with wacky results. He's come pretty far.

Kick-Ass - Comedy Central, 9pm 

Nerdy teenager becomes a costumed crime-fighter with the help of Nicolas Cage. Very funny,


The Green Mile - FilmFour, 9pm

One of the best, but mostly, saddest films ever made. About a man with apparently supernatural powers on death row.

Glastonbury - BBC Four, 10pm

Remember music festivals? They used to happen in the summer but now we can't have them anymore.

Well, this documentary is about one of the biggest there is. Featuring performances from artists including Morrissey, David Bowie, Bjork, James Brown, Nick Cave, Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, Blur and more.


Mike Wallace Is Here - Sky Documentaries - 10.15pm

A documentary about one of the most important journalists in American history, compiled of archive footage about his career and his troubled personal life.

The Nice Guys - ITV4 - 11pm

Crowe and Ryan Gosling end up forming an unlikely in this crime comedy where they investigate the murder of a 1970s porn-star before uncovering a government conspiracy.