Here are the best movies on TV this evening 1 month ago

Here are the best movies on TV this evening

It's Thursday.

We're creeping towards the weekend and closer to the end of level 5 restrictions.


A few more evenings inside watching movies on TV and we'll be back to something a little closer to normality.

Here's the pick of the films tonight.

X-Men: Days of Future Past - Film4 - 6.25pm

Are you torn between Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy as Charles Xavier?

Well helpfully, this one has both of them.

A really good addition to the film series.

Beverly Hills Cop III - Comedy Central - 9pm


This ones set in an amusement park, but that's where the fun ends for the third adaption of Axel Foley.

Just the 9% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Taken 3 - Film4 - 9pm

I gave up on these movies after the diabolical second instalment.

I'm assuming Bryan Mills loses something that requires a man with a certain set of skills to retrieve?


The Bourne Ultimatum - ITV4 - 10pm

On a basic level, this is a film about a man with amnesia who wants to remember, so he spends two hours beating the crap out of people to find out about his past.

The third in the franchise and last of the good ones before it all goes to shit.

92% on Rotten Tomatoes and stars Ireland's own Matt Damon.


Double Jeopardy - Film4 - 11.15pm

So double jeopardy means that you cannot be charged with the same crime twice.

Ashley Judd is wrongly jailed for her husband's murder, so she sets out to find the truth... and possibly revenge.

All a bit meh.