QUESTION: What is the best "undercover" movie of all time? 4 years ago

QUESTION: What is the best "undercover" movie of all time?

Yes, we mention The Departed, but there is more to it than that...

When you start really thinking about undercover movies, it doesn't take long to go beyond the usual "cop pretending to be a criminal" storyline.


That was debate of this week's Big Question on The Big Reviewski, as the gang pose the question off the back of new undercover thriller, The Informer.

In that movie, a former criminal (played by House Of Cards' Joel Kinnaman) becomes an undercover snitch for the FBI in exchange for less jail time, but he is soon wrapped up in a plot of double and triple-crosses, completely unsure who to trust anymore.

The Big Reviewski gang each have their own answer to The Big Question, and you can check out those answers in the video below from the 04:30 mark.


Eoghan goes for The Departed, Conan goes for Point Break, Rory goes for Face/Off, and Justine goes for Austin Powers In Goldmember.

But of course, opening up the question to the public (as we did right here) resulted in some genius answers, including: Mrs. Doubtfire (technically true, Robin Williams does go undercover as a British nanny), Kindergarten Cop, White Chicks, Tootsie, The Fast & The Furious (which is basically Point Break again), Infernal Affairs (the original version of The Departed), and - of course - Donnie Brasco.

So tell us on Twitter or on Facebook, what you think the greatest undercover movie of all time is?

Meanwhile, The Informer is in Irish cinemas right now, and you can check out trailer below:


Clip via Warner Bros. UK