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21st Oct 2019

What is the best zombie kill ever in a movie?

Rory Cashin


‘Tis the season!

Halloween is right around the corner, which is when we all start digging into some of our favourite horror movies of all time.

Add to that the timely release of Zombieland: Double Tap, and The Big Reviewski team had zombies on the braaaaaaaaaiiin this week.

So, as with every episode, there was The Big Question, and this week’s question was…

What is the best zombie death in a movie ever?

Now… does that mean the death of a zombie? Or death by a zombie? The question leaves it open to interpretation, obviously, so the answers have the potential to cover a lot of ground.

Plus, when you think about it, there are SO MANY zombie movies, and they all involve zombies killing and being killed.

28 Days Later, World War Z, Dawn Of The Dead, Train To Busan, Warm Bodies, [REC], Planet Terror, Resident Evil, I Am Legend, Night Of The Living Dead… on and on they shuffle!

So check out what The Big Reviewski gang picked in the clip below from 03:17, and then let us know on Twitter and Facebook which one you’d pick!

Eoghan went for the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ kill from Shaun Of The Dead, when the survivors of the UK undead apocalypse find themselves taking sanctuary in a pub and having to take out the owner, while in rhythm to the hit Queen track.

Rory was the odd one out this week (you’ll see why soon enough) when he picked the opening scene from 28 Weeks Later, when Robert Carlyle watches his wife and child get ambushed by zombies, and instead of helping them, he runs the other way.

Justine went for the exact same scene from Shaun Of The Dead, which makes some sense, since both she and Eoghan are not fan of horror movies, so the rom-zom-com is probably about as much scary stuff as they can take.

But that doesn’t excuse why Paul, a proper horror fan, also went for Shaun Of The Dead.

Admittedly, at least it was a completely different scene, as the best mates are choosing which records can and can’t be used as weapons.

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