The Big Reviewski Ep 38 with Joker, Judy, and Jurassic Park in Ireland 10 months ago

The Big Reviewski Ep 38 with Joker, Judy, and Jurassic Park in Ireland

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Greetings movie fans!

It is finally here.

In a year that featured both Avengers: Endgame, and will later contain Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise Of The Skywalker, perhaps the most talked about movie is a small budget take on DC's most famous villain...

Yep, this week the Big Reviewski gang -  Eoghan DohertyRory CashinJustine Stafford, and Paul Moore - finally review Joker, and discuss whether or not it was worth all of the controversy it has received in the lead-up to its release.

They also take a look at Judy, the biopic of iconic Judy Garland, which may land Renée Zellweger some major awards attention, plus they go back over the Jurassic World short Battle At Big Rock, which was shot in Ireland, and predict what it could all mean for the 2021's Jurassic World III.

On top of that, there is a long discussion about the greatest sports underdogs in cinema history (in honour of Japan's turn up for the books), and some interesting conversations about finding certain cartoon characters very attractive...

Don't ask, just watch and listen here...

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