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"It is time for America to slide down the Bannon-ster."

During the cold-open for last night's Saturday Night Live, which didn't actually feature the show's host for the night Sam Rockwell (more on his hosting gig here), we were brought to MSNBC's early morning chat show Morning Joe.

Hosts Mika Brzezinski (Kate McKinnon) and Joe Scarborough were joined by Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff (Fred Armisen) and Oprah Winfrey (Leslie Jones), but the real surprise was the return of Steve Bannon, represented by the return of Bill Murray to SNL.

In a certain light, Murray does definitely have a few of the same visual characteristics as Bannon, something that McKinnon picks up on ("This is death warmed up"), and Murray doubles down on, by announcing that he's releasing his own brand of male skin cream ("Blotch.")

However, it is when he talks about eventually returning to politics that things take a turn for the dark, when Bannon announces some of the people that he has in mind to follow in the footsteps of President Trump.

Logan Paul. Martin Shkreli. "The Subway guy" Jared Fogel.


What the full sketch below.


Clip via Saturday Night Live

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