Netflix have given us a huge clue to find a very well-hidden ending to Bandersnatch 2 years ago

Netflix have given us a huge clue to find a very well-hidden ending to Bandersnatch

This will never end.

Black Mirror was always pretty adept when it came to completely consuming our minds.


With regards to television, very few shows in recent years have made us take a step back and look at ourselves and society as a whole the way Black Mirror has.

And even though we have come to expect a certain level of mystery and confusion from the series, the recent interactive feature length film Bandersnatch has taken it to the next level.

As we're sure you're aware, watching Bandersnatch feels more like a video game, as you regularly have to make decisions that influence how the plot is going to play out.

Because it was starting to stress some people out, we even went to the trouble of working out every possible ending from Bandersnatch, because we wanted to make life easier for you.

And just as we had started to come to terms with the ending that we decided on, Netflix's official Twitter account has only gone and thrown yet another spanner in the works.

Netflix UK & Ireland tweeted on Tuesday urging viewers of the film to "try picking up the family photo, twice".


So having spent hours trying to get the ending we wanted to see, now Netflix tells us to go back and do something else? Well, not according to Netflix.

They have cheekily said that we don't have to go back and do it, but they know we're going to anyway...


But if you don't have the time to do that, here is what happens if you do go back and pick up the family portrait twice, as Netflix have instructed you to do.

According to Pedestrian, viewers who do manage to do this are treated to the Jerome F. Davies Ending, which features a cameo from the Bandersnatch author, who appears in a dream to Stefan and forces him to retread and pick up the book, pushing viewers back onto the main path of the story.

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