Black Widow isn't the only new release coming to Irish cinemas this week 3 months ago

Black Widow isn't the only new release coming to Irish cinemas this week

One of the new releases is an Irish movie starring Bobby Kerr, Keith Duffy and Ian Dempsey!

Yes, one of the biggest movies of 2021 is arriving in cinemas in Ireland this week, but it isn't alone.


As we continue to get back to a more-regular release schedule, pretty much every week will see a number of big blockbusters and small indies hitting the big screen.


The first MCU movie since Spider-Man: Far From Home way back in August 2019 is a reason to celebrate. Also, consider Scar-Jo has been in these Marvel movies since Iron Man 2, it is only fair that she FINALLY gets her own standalone movie!

We chatted to one of the movie's stars - Stranger Things actor David Harbour - and you can check out our full interview below, where he talks about trying on tight costumes and not believing all of the online rumours you hear.

Black Widow will be landing in Irish cinemas on Wednesday, 7 July and will also be available on Disney+ with Premier Access from Friday, 9 July.



A documentary that subtly explores the devastating effects of climate change and deforestation, we are introduced to a group of men (pretty much all aged between 70 and 80), who team up with their expertly trained dogs to hunt down an elusive type of truffle.

The Truffle Hunters will be available to watch in select Irish cinemas from Friday, 9 July.

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An Irish road-trip comedy about an uncle and his nephew heading across the country in a stolen camper van in a desperate attempt by the uncle to save his job, the movie features some familiar faces, including Keith Duffy, Amy Hughes, Joe Rooney, Ian Dempsey and Bobby Kerr.

Poster Boys arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 9 July.

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