A fantastic combination of a western and a horror is on TV tonight 4 years ago

A fantastic combination of a western and a horror is on TV tonight

Including a scene that will genuinely haunt you for the rest of your days...

Don't worry if you've never heard of Bone Tomahawk, because once you watch it, you'll never forget it.


Let us just kick this off right away by saying that the 2015 horror/western has what we consider to be potentially the greatest screen death in just about any horror movie we've ever seen.

Seriously, the death scene - and there are a few death scenes, but once you see THIS one, you'll know which one we're talking about - is so gloriously over-the-top and hide-behind-your-hands scary, you'll understand immediately why we're recommend this movie so damned hard.

Which is why, when you watch the movie for the first hour or so, you'll be confused into thinking that this isn't a horror movie at all.

Set in the Old West, David Arquette (Scream) wanders into a town, claiming that his partner was killed by a savage tribe of Native Americans.


When some of the town locals go missing during the night, a posse is put together - Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox (Lost), Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) and Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers) - to head out into the mountain range where the tribe is said to be hiding and save the kidnapped townsfolk.

From there, things take a turn for the awful...

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Despite only costing $1.8 million to make, Bone Tomahawk didn't even make that back at the worldwide box office. Even with critics fawning over it (90% on Rotten Tomatoes), audiences stayed away. Perhaps it was because it was sold too strictly as a grim Western, and didn't really give away the horror aspect of the story.

Which is fair enough, because once the horror does begin, it does take the viewer in a whole new direction (perhaps one that Western fans hadn't signed up for), but considering the movie is out two years now, we reckon it is okay to spoil that, yes, the Western does eventually morph into a horror movie.

And once it does, by golly, will you remember it.

One of the best horror films of the last decade that absolutely nobody went to see, plus it has THAT death scene. Seriously, once you watch it, get back to us and tell us that it wasn't the best death scene you've ever seen in a horror movie.


Providing, of course, that you could even stand to watch it.

Bone Tomahawk is on tonight - Saturday 20 April - on Film 4 at 10.35pm.