EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt on why he is always eating in his movies (especially in Ocean's 11) 4 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt on why he is always eating in his movies (especially in Ocean's 11)

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Even Margot Robbie wanted to know why he was always eating in the heist movie.

Brad Pitt loves to eat.


If you've ever seen him in a movie, then you'll already know that his characters tend to be snacking on something at some point.

Even in his new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, he sits down to an entire pot of homemade mac and cheese, and if you need any further evidence, you can check out a 15-minute-long megamix of Pitt eating food right here.

JOE sat down with Pitt and his Tarantino-epic co-star Margot Robbie in the lead-up to the release of the movie, and we had to ask if he had seen the megamix himself (he hadn't), but Robbie weighs in herself on the topic: "No, but I have noticed you eat food a lot in movies."

Pitt tells us that "I like to busy myself, I'm a grazer by nature, so...", and Robbie responds "I know, I like that too, when you get to do something," before taking JOE's job from us and begins asking Pitt directly about eating in a specific movie:


Robbie: "In Ocean's 11, do you talk about it, or do you just always have food handy?"

Pitt: "We just had it- well, there was actually method to that, because he was always on the run, always on the move, I figured he could never sit down and have a proper meal. So he always had to grab something on the run."

So there you have it. Pitt eats in his movies because he likes to eat, but also because sometimes his characters need to eat. Mystery solved!

Watch our full interview with the two stars right here, where we also talk about Tarantino's Star Trek movie, their mutual love of stunt performers, Brad revealing his Snatch performance was based on a Father Ted character, and the fact that they'd both forgotten they'd already starred in a movie together...


Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood is released in Irish cinemas on Wednesday 14 August.

Check out the final trailer here:


Clip via Sony Pictures Ireland

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