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21st Jan 2024

Tommy Tiernan and Bradley Walsh get into bizarre argument during interview

Simon Kelly

Bradley Walsh

“You have to be thick, do ya?”

Tommy Tiernan and Bradley Walsh got into bizarre argument about who is “thicker” during an interview on The Tommy Tiernan Show on Saturday night.

The beloved host of The Chase sat down with Tommy to discuss a wide variety of topics including his relationship with his son and his aspirations to become a movie director.

The most memorable moment of the interview, however, came at the end when Tommy said that he thought Bradley “claimed to be thicker” than he actually was.

Tommy Tiernan and Bradley Walsh get into bizarre argument during interview.

Many viewers felt that Tommy had met his match, as both comedians were able to keep up with each other during the interview.

Towards the end of the chat, Tommy said: “Well, for me, you’d be flicking around and I know if I hit on ya, that you’ll make me laugh or smile.

“There’s a warmth about you because you pretend to be the thickest person in the room.”

Bradley replied by saying, “A bit of self-deprecating humour never hurt anyone. That’s why I ask the questions, because I’m a bit dim.

“That’s the way it is, someone has to be the jester, someone has to be the meanie, they’re all playing a part. It’s a Panto,” he added with a smile.

Tommy then went on to say, “We’re both Geminis, we’re both colour-blind and we both pretend to be more stupid than we are.”

“Well, I think I’m more stupid than you,” Bradley retorted, to which Tommy said to stop showing off.

“I’m properly dim,” Bradley added. “I’m really dim. Do you know what I mean?”

“Oh, of course you are. I’m more cleverer,” Tommy laughed. “You have to be thick do ya? Why can’t I be the thick one? Stupid and stupider.”

Other guests on the episode of The Tommy Tiernan Show included soprano singer Celine Byrne, GP and thalidomide survivor Dr Austin O’Carroll and musical duo The Breath.

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