Bran Stark isn't the Night King, but might be the only way to stop his ice dragon 3 years ago

Bran Stark isn't the Night King, but might be the only way to stop his ice dragon

"You will never walk again, but you will fly."

Especially during the past two seasons, one of the most common Game of Thrones theories floating around is that Bran Stark is the Night King. We've already shown you why we think that's a load of crap, but believers in that theory are right in thinking that Bran has a huge role to play.


The fact that this article contains spoilers should stand out like a direwolf in a butcher's, but we'll warn you nonetheless...

As awesome as Viserion was when he was just a "regular" dragon, he's officially on another level now. It's going to take something special to stop him, and it's unclear if either Drogon or Rhaegal can do it, even if they team up.

The problem with that is we're working under the assumption that they will even want to fight him. Dragons are described as being exceptionally intelligent and emotional, so it's hard to know how they'll react when seeing their fallen brother.


If only we had a character who is (kind of) on the side of the living, and able to take control of other beings' minds.

Oh wait, we do. His name is Bran-goddamn-Stark.

Bran Stark vs the ice dragon


Given that Viserion is already under the Night King's control, we can't see Bran being able to warg into him. The Night King has already shown the ability to sense when Bran is near, and he's likely to be much more powerful.

That leaves Drogon and Rhaegal.

Drogon has always been a bit of a lone wolf (we realise he's a dragon), and is closest to Daenerys. We reckon his best bet would be Rhaegal.

Once Drogon sees that Viserion is no longer his true self, he'll be much more likely to fight him. Save for Dany going into battle herself, it's hard to see another way to convince them.


Going by the books, the prophecy told to Daenerys was that "The dragon has three heads." Our money is on those heads being Dany, the Night King and Bran.

Going with Blood Raven's prediction that Bran will fly, it all ties in pretty well. You could argue that him Brans-forming into a flock of ravens was flying, but we think this would make for much better watching.

As you'll see on this Reddit post, there is a lot more evidence that points in Rhaegal's direction. He is described as having mossy green scales, a colour associated with the Children of The Forest.

And what is another name for Bran's gift of looking into the past and future? Greenseeing.