Brian Cox admits he hasn't watched the Succession finale 3 months ago

Brian Cox admits he hasn't watched the Succession finale

"I don't cling on to things."

While we're all still reeling from the final scenes of Succession's last ever episode, Brian Cox is quite at ease. That's because he hasn't watched it and he doesn't intend to.


Speaking to the BBC, the 77-year-old actor, who played patriarch Logan Roy on the show, admitted that he doesn't tend to watch back anything that he stars in.

“I’m dead. Dead people don’t watch things like that,” Cox told Laura Kuenssberg on her show.

"I've never liked watching myself and, somehow or other, because of what happened to Logan, I’ve been disinclined to watch the rest. I knew how it was going to end, because I knew that Logan had already set it up.

"I gather that ultimately, in the end, Logan’s won through — even though he’s in the grave. But it’s a strange situation. I don’t cling onto things. When I’m over, it’s over, and I go on.”


Although he didn’t watch the finale, he has heard from others how Logan's children fared at the end. In his eyes, they got exactly what they deserved.

“The rich are becoming so out of it. So separated. That’s what our show is dealing with. And, rightly, they got their just desserts at the end. Apparently."


Following the finale, Cox released a statement commemorating the end of Succession.

“We have now come to the end. And what has been, in my career, certainly the greatest work experience ever,” he wrote. “The harmony between crew and cast was truly amazing. It was on it’s [sic] way to become a great series but the Love and commitment from crew to cast and writers, made it memorable. I would like to thank all of us in the making and creating of this show from the very bottom of my heart.”

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