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14th Feb 2016

Brooklyn has won Outstanding British Film at BAFTA 2016

Eoghan Doherty

Congratulations to all.

Now, before anyone loses the plot completely…

Yes, it’s set in Ireland. Yes, it’s all about a young Irish emigrant. Yes, it stars a wealth of Irish talent in the lead roles. Yes, it’s directed by an Irishman. Yes, it’s based on a book by an Irishman. Yes, it’s… we could go on, but we’re not going to.

As Irish as Brooklyn is, the fact does remain that the film is co-financed by the BBC, thereby making it completely eligible to be included as one of the nominees for Outstanding British Film at the BAFTAs, seeing off competition from 45 Years, The Danish Girl, The Lobster, Amy and Ex Machina.

Don’t worry, we’ll do a round-up of angry tweets later. So, now can we get on with the celebrating?

Brooklyn BAFTA

And for those of you still kicking up a fuss, here’s Donald Clarke of The Irish Times with some clarity on the matter…