OFFICIAL: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for a seventh season 1 year ago

OFFICIAL: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for a seventh season

Season 5 is coming to Netflix soon and there's even more on the way. Nine-Nine!

Cool, cool, cool, NBC has officially renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine for another season in 2019-20. In doing so, Andy Samberg's beloved comedy will enter its seventh season and all that panic about the show being cancelled seems like a distant thing of the past.

Thank god for that!

Season 7 will mark the second season of the series on NBC and since switching to the broadcaster,  the comedy has seen an increase in its viewership figures in the key age demographics.

Speaking about the decision to get the gang back together, Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, co-Presidents of Scripted Programming for NBC Entertainment said: “It’s been one of our great joys as a network to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a second life. Cheers to Dan Goor, Mike Schur, Luke Del Tredici and David Miner, and our amazing cast and crew who each week turn New York’s finest into New York’s funniest."

In typical Nine-Nine fashion, the producers broke this news to the cast and crew in the best way possible, by waiting nine seconds before telling them. Trust us, Terry Crews' reaction is worth the wait.

If this news isn't enough to make you happy, you'll be delighted to know that Season 5 of the show will also be released on Netflix from 8 March,

What a time to be alive.