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04th Apr 2018

The makers of The Babadook have a very original zombie movie coming to Netflix

Rory Cashin

It arrives on the streaming service very soon.

The Babadook was one of those horror movies that really stuck with you afterwards.

While on the surface it dealt with a mother and her young child being tormented by an evil demon that could reach out to them by a haunted book they found one day in their home, it was really about so much more than that.

To say what would be to give it away, and we really recommend you check it out, as it is also available to watch on Netflix right now.

The reason we talk about that horror movie is because the folks behind it have a new one coming out, and it looks equally intriguing and original, while still looking quite scary.

Cargo features Martin Freeman as a man on the run, with just 48 hours until the zombie virus takes him over and turns him into an unthinking monster.

Before then he must find a new guardian for his infant child, but in a world where every stranger could be another monster-in-waiting, finding someone he trusts enough to take care of his baby is not an easy task, especially with a world of zombies closing in on him and anyone he crosses paths with.

Cargo arrives on Netflix from Friday 18 May.

Clip via Netflix

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