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09th Aug 2017

Chris O’Dowd made some rather controversial claims about GAA on Stephen Colbert

The Big Boyler always has a joke at the ready.

Alan Loughnane

The Big Boyler always has a joke at the ready.

Chris O’Dowd appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to discuss his new TV series “Get Shorty”.

The Moon Boy star was in flying form and was his usual wise-cracking self along with the host Colbert, who it was revealed, has ties to county Roscommon.

Poor fella…

You can watch part of his appearance below.

Video via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

O’Dowd revealed on Tuesday that he had managed to shoehorn GAA into the conversation.

Of course he did, but we assume that many of the Irish public will have strong feelings about some of his comments on the GAA.

“[Roscommon] is nice,” O’Dowd said. “A lot of bog. A lot of peat. If you’re into soil, it’s really the place for you.

“You probably don’t know this but we have the best football team in Ireland… I mean Gaelic Football, which is a sport for… strong men.

“I played a bit because I was tall, which is a big advantage.”

Well, Chris is doing two things with this story. He’s underselling himself and overselling Roscommon. O’Dowd was a handy goalie back in the day.

Video via padraic81

But we all know what happened to Roscommon at the weekend in Croke Park so we assume Mayo people, first and foremost, will be queueing to disagree with O’Dowd’s claims.

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