Chris Pratt says Harrison Ford scared him off from ever taking over Indiana Jones role 1 year ago

Chris Pratt says Harrison Ford scared him off from ever taking over Indiana Jones role

"It was enough to scare me."

Hollywood star Chris Pratt has squashed rumours that he will one day take over the role of iconic archaeologist Indiana Jones, claiming that comments from series icon Harrison Ford officially scared him away.


Pratt has been circling a number of high-profile roles ever since his profile rose considerably following his break-out in Marvel's 2014 space ensemble Guardians of the Galaxy.

While the actor will next be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 in May next year, one role that he has long been linked to has divided fans thanks to its iconic status.

The idea of Pratt one day donning the fedora and inheriting Ford's famous bullwhip to continue the Indiana Jones franchise picked up steam back in January 2021 when discussions of a proposed series reboot started doing the rounds online.

While chatter has bubbled away ever since, Pratt has recently offered his thoughts on the situation; in short, suggesting that it is never going to happen.


“I don’t even know who Steven Spielberg is. Who? Steven Who?” joked the former Parks and Recreation cast member during a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast when host Josh Horowitz quizzed him on the topic.

“No, aren’t they doing ‘Indiana Jones’ with Harrison Ford? All I know is I once saw a quote from Harrison Ford and I don’t even know if it was really him but it was enough to scare me, that was like: ‘When I die, Indiana Jones dies.’

"And I’m like, am I gonna get haunted by the ghost of Harrison Ford one day when he dies if I play…?”

For context, the quote that Pratt is referencing came from a 2019 interview that Ford - who turned 80 earlier this week - conducted with Today.


During this interview, the Star Wars, The Fugitive and Blade Runner star said: “Don’t you get it? I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy.”

Ford has recently finished production on the fifth and latest Indiana Jones adventure with Logan filmmaker James Mangold taking over directing duties from long-time franchise helmer Steven Spielberg.

Due for release on 30 June 2023, little is currently known about Dr Jones' as-yet-untitled new adventure - although if internet rumours and leaked set pictures are to be believed, audiences may be treated to a de-aged version of their favourite cinematic explorer.

Meanwhile, Ford's last outing as Henry Jones Jr was in 2008's 50s-set Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which divided audiences thanks to some bold scenes involving CGI aliens and a narrow escape from a nuclear explosion via a household fridge.