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17th Jul 2023

Cillian Murphy delivers priceless reaction to WWE legend’s Peaky Blinders tattoo

Simon Kelly

Cillian Murphy reacts to Dave Bautista's tattoo

We can’t wait for them to finally meet.

We all know somebody with an embarrassing tattoo story, but Dave Bautista’s really takes the cake.

In an awkward mix up, the Guardians of the Galaxy star ended up getting a picture-perfect likeness of the Cork man on his thigh.

’I’m waiting for that awkward moment when I meet him,” he told TodayFM earlier this year.

“It was this unintentional thing when it happened. I didn’t go and tell my tattoo artist that I want a tattoo of Cillian Murphy on my thigh.

“It was this picture I found of Thomas Shelby [Murphy’s character from Peaky Blinders] and I wanted this tattoo that said ‘Gentleman Hooligan’. I found this image of Thomas Shelby and I said to my tattoo artist that I want you to change it so it doesn’t look exactly like Cillian.”

Cillian Murphy reacts to Dave Bautista’s tattoo

While interviewing Murphy for his upcoming movie Oppenheimer, we couldn’t help but ask him what he thought of the pretty hilarious fact that he’s on Bautista’s leg forever.

“Oh yeah, somebody mentioned that to me yeah, my kids showed it to me,” Murphy told JOE.

“That will be a lovely, interesting, awkward chat I imagine.

“I’ll ask him and I’ll see if he’ll let me look at his leg.”

Bautista may be the most high-profile person with Murphy’s face printed onto his body but we’re sure he’s not the only one, considering how iconic his Peaky Blinders character has been over the past decade.

You can also check out JOE’s interviews with Cillian Murphy’s co-star Matt Damon here, and with Oppenheimer writer and director Christopher Nolan here.

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