This is how The Nun is connected to The Conjuring movies 1 year ago

This is how The Nun is connected to The Conjuring movies

Could this be this year's answer to IT?

Released here on 7 September (so pretty much the exact same date as IT last year), it looks like The Nun is already one of the most talked about horror movies of the year, and that is before anyone has even got their eyes on it.

Some of the movie's ads had to be pulled from YouTube for being too scary, and if that excites you then you'll be happy to know that we've actually got a giveaway to the Irish premiere of the movie, and you can enter that right here.

We've already discussed how The Conjuring has managed to do one thing that just about no other horror movie has managed to do, and with the already successful spin-off Annabelle series, The Nun is the next sidequel to be based on the horror universe.

As the release of The Nun gets ever closer, the folks behind it are pumping more and more into the mythology of the series (there are THREE more Conjuring universe movies in the pipeline to think of), so they have released a new featurette which goes deeper into how the evil habit lady relates back to the two Conjuring movies we've seen before.

Also, in case you're looking for EVEN MORE Nun-related scares, they have released an interactive-y type trailer-y thing which dumps you, first person, right into the depths of the scary catacombs.

Obviously, this is a much better watch on your phone, and with your headphones turned way up:

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