2019's most stupidly brilliant movie is arriving even sooner than we'd hoped 3 years ago

2019's most stupidly brilliant movie is arriving even sooner than we'd hoped

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We're calling it right now: Most Fun Movie Of The Year!

We're as excited about Endgame and Episode IX and Toy Story 4 and Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and Hobbs & Shaw and Frozen 2 and IT: Chapter 2 as any other movie lover out there, but when it comes to this particular film, it hits a specific sweet-spot in the pleasure centres of our brains, resulting in the kind of response that goes beyond the ability of explanation.


No, this isn't something we are thinking about, this is something we just feel, and we feel that Crawl is in with a shout of being 2019's most fun movie.

In the same way that we jumped the gun and pronounced that The Meg would be amazing (and we were right, for about three minutes), there is just something about the set-up for Crawl that gets us very, very excited.

The movie stars Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runner) as a young woman who becomes trapped in a flooding house with her father, played by Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan), during a Category 5 hurricane and must battle against Florida’s most savage and feared predator, a family of alligators!

Hurricanes! Alligators! Daughter-father relationships!


On top of that, the movie is directed and co-written by Alexandre Aja, the dementedly brilliant mind behind Switchblade Romance, the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, and Piranha 3D.

The only thing is, we've seen absolutely NOTHING from the movie yet! Not a single poster, or behind-the-scenes image, nothing! The picture above is from 1996 disaster epic Twister!

The movie was initially set for release in the USA, UK, and Ireland on the same date, Friday 23 August.

However, Deadline are reporting that it has been brought forward by over a month, to Friday 12 July!


Yep, just four months until the best movie of the summer / year / all time (delete as appropriate) is in cinemas! Bring on the trailer already!

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