CULT FICTION: Six reasons why everyone should watch Sherlock 7 years ago

CULT FICTION: Six reasons why everyone should watch Sherlock

Engage your mind palace.

Every week we're choosing one TV show that deserves your attention because time is precious and there are some stunning shows available to watch.


This week it's one of the most cerebral, cinematic and fiercely intelligent mini-series' in recent history, Sherlock.

Sherlock Wink

1) What's it about?

How can you take a character that has been around since 1887 and make him relevant to the modern era while also appeasing a dedicated fan-base?


That was the dilemma that faced Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat but rather fittingly given their main character, they found a very intelligent answer, casting.

Psycho Sherlock

Cumberbatch makes Sherlock a lovable eccentric who has no time or patience for the follies of human interaction but because of this, the show is also extremely funny. His Emmy award winning take on the famous sleuth is unique because he's just as pragmatic as he is perceptive.

As well as his vast intelligence, there's a steal, strength and darkness to this incarnation which is perfectly offset by Martin Freeman's take on Watson.



Sherlock doesn't give a feck about people's mundane existence which makes Watson all the more important. If Cumberbatch is the brains then Freeman is the heart, muscle and soul.

The show also has arguably the most fully-fleshed supporting characters in any show. Andrew Scott is utterly mesmerizing as arch-villain Moriarty, cold, calculated and charismatic, while Mycroft, Molly and Mrs Hudson are all essential components of the story.



Despite the modern setting, the scripts remain incredibly true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels and the slick aesthetic might be the closest thing that you'll get to a cinematic experience in your own living room.

2) It's almost like... 

The brains and style of classic mystery films like Vertigo and Chinatown mixed with the shiny look of shows like CSI (it's much better than that though)

Sherlock Titles

3) It's worth your time because...


Each season has only three episodes but every case is unique and different. The acting and writing is better than 90% of major Hollywood films and once Moriarty is introduced the show really kicks into overdrive.

4) Did you know...?

It only took Benedict Cumberbatch three takes to catch this pen. He actually did it in one go but the cameraman was too slow and missed it!

5) One episode and you're hooked...

The Great Game. A remorseless criminal mastermind puts Sherlock on a distracting crime-solving spree via a series of hostage human bombs. It also features one of the best introductions that I've ever seen for a character.

6) If the show was a person then...

Your friend who probably thinks too much but is still compelling company.