CULT FICTION: Six Reasons why everyone should watch That '70s Show 8 years ago

CULT FICTION: Six Reasons why everyone should watch That '70s Show

Hanging out, down the street!

Every week we're choosing one TV show that deserves your attention because time is precious and there are some great shows available to watch.


This week it's a TV show whose unique mix of comedy, honesty and relatable characters definitely latched with Irish audiences, That '70s Show.

70s Intro

1) What's it about?

Six teenagers from a deadbeat town that spend most of their time hanging-out in a crumby basement might not sound like the recipe for a smash-hit but if ever a show lived and died by its characters, it's That '70s Show.


The strength of the show is that you genuinely believe these actors are teenagers because there's something here that everyone can identify with, especially if you're young and struggling with those issues.

You know; dealing with hormones, parental discipline, school and constantly getting things stuck in your eye? Maybe that was just Kelso?

Kelso Looks

Of the lads, the dumb but wild Kelso is pretty much the character that gets all the best laughs. I always loved the fact that he was usually more interested in wrestling dogs than hanging out with Jackie while everyone can empathise with the smart-arsed but downtrodden Eric.


If your dad ever cracked the whip like Red then you'll feel Foreman's pain.

Kelso Dogs

The rebellious and too cool for school Hyde was always the character that I identified closest with, he loves Led Zeppelin and doesn't care what people think, while Fez...well he's still a mystery.

As for the girls, Jackie started off as a fairly shallow and vain character but she quickly evolved, those fights with Kelso were class but seem a little bit weird now that they're married in real life, while Donna was the epitome of a strong and independent girl, indicative of the burgeoning gender equality and social change of the era.


The real joy though is in Eric's parents, the contrast between the doting Kitty and the incredibly strict Red was great, while the remaining characters like Leo, Bob and Midge were decent also.

Yes, the latter series' massively tails off as the cast chased the Hollywood dream but those early seasons still pack a punch.

Hyde 70s show

2) It's almost like...

Hanging out with your actual mates because the characters just slag each other off. Except you know, it's set in the 70s.


Jackie 70s show

3) It's worth your time because...

The setting is already dated so the aesthetics won't go out of style anytime soon but for me there's something comforting about those first few seasons.

Yes, it's not the best comedy on TV and can revert to cheap gags at times but there's still a heart and a warmth to it that's not easy to fake. Plus it has Kelso and he gets some genius lines like this one...

Jackie: Michael, just think about it. Do you like Pam?
Kelso: Well, I like parts of her.

4) Did you know...?

Mila Kunis seems like she has been a star for an eternity but the actress was a novice in every sense of the word during the first season.

The Ted star only got the role of Jackie because she lied during her audition by telling the producers that she was almost 18. She was just 14 at the time.

Jackkie Kelso 70s

5) One episode and you're hooked...

My earliest memories of the show was watching 'The Keg' episode. Mainly because like lots of you, I was frequently trying to get served but got told to leave.


6) If the show was a person...

It could be any of your mates. Just take a look at the gang and see which one is which.