New Irish zombie movie is getting some rave reviews at Toronto Film Festival 4 years ago

New Irish zombie movie is getting some rave reviews at Toronto Film Festival

Looks like this zombie movie has got braaaaaaaaaaains to spare...

Irish writer and director David Freyne has released The Cured to audiences at the Toronto Film Festival, and early word is that it pumps new life into the subgenre.


From the jump-off point of his 2014 short-film The First Wave (which you can watch below), The Cured tells the story of The Third Wave of the recently zombified, having received a cure and entered back into society...

Clip via Tilted Pictures

... however, they still have all of the memories of what they did while they were zombies, which in some cases includes murdering and devouring their families and friends.

The Cured stars Ellen Page (Juno, X-Men: The Last Stand), Sam Keeley (What Richard Did, The Siege Of Jadotville) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Love/Hate, Avengers: Infinity War), and while it doesn't have an Irish release date just yet, it will be showing as part of the London Film Festival on 12 October.

Meanwhile, the early reviews from the Toronto Film Festival are very promising:

"[T]his may be one of the first horror movies where you may wind up preferring the zombies over actual people, who can be the real hell." - The Hollywood Reporter


"Just when you thought nothing new could be done with the undead, The Cured pulls off a fresh take on zombie terrain. [...] Works as a political allegory one can interpret in many ways, as its conceptual outline can be read as commentary on any current worldwide debates about religion, race and immigration, not to mention Ireland’s own longtime Troubles." - Variety

"The Cured is most interested in exploring how social cohesion is threatened when disparate people and divergent beliefs are put in a pressure cooker. For the most part, this is a compelling narrative angle to explore, particularly given the current political climate." - Bloody Disgusting

"The Cured is at its sharpest when drawing acute political parallels." - Screen Daily

The official trailer for the movie hasn't dropped yet, but you can check out a clip of the film below:


Clip via Deadline Hollywood