Director of My Left Foot and In The Name Of The Father discusses luring Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement 4 years ago

Director of My Left Foot and In The Name Of The Father discusses luring Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement

The legendary director also compared one of Ireland's young acting talent to three-time Oscar winner.

Over his acting career, Daniel Day-Lewis was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar no less than six times, most recently in 2018 for her part in Phantom Thread, which the actor said would be his final ever acting role.


Out of those six nominations, Day-Lewis won three of them, one of which was for My Left Foot. He was also nominated for his role In The Name Of The Father, as well as plenty of additional plaudits for his performance in The Boxer, all three of which were directed by Jim Sheridan.

Sheridan has also been nominated for six Oscars over the years (although has never won any), and was recently a guest on movie show Box Office on Virgin Media Two.

The show's host Lisa Cannon interviewed Sheridan about his upcoming works, and when he was asked if he would, or could, coax Daniel Day-Lewis out of his retirement, Sheridan said:

"Yeah, I'd love to - if he ever wanted to come out of retirement - find something for him. I think the weird thing is that when me and Daniel worked together, we worked on all of these young men stories, you know? And then I had no more stories for him, that he could do.


"If I found something that he was good for, I'd gently find out if he was up for it."

Sheridan also added that he'd love to properly work with Saoirse Ronan (three-time Oscar nominee, also no wins), primarily because she reminds him so much of Daniel Day-Lewis:

"I could maybe send her an email if I had the right script for her. I think she's a genius. I worked with her once in Ardmore, just filming some insert shots for a feature that I wanted to do, and it was very similar to Daniel, you know? She has that depth of soul, and it is in her eyes, and she is as calm as a cucumber. So cool, so easy going, but always [right] on the money [in her perfomances]."

So it is clear what we need here.


Sheridan has to direct a movie with Day-Lewis and Ronan, and then everyone can go home with Oscars!