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29th Jan 2020

Daniel Kaluuya is 100% up for joining John Boyega for a Bad Boys movie set in the UK

Rory Cashin

bad boys uk

Get Stormzy on the soundtrack and it is automatically the greatest movie of all time.

In case you missed it, Bad Boys For Life is actually pretty good!

It has continued to become a surprise box office hit – $220 million worldwide after just two weekends in cinemas, on a $90 million budget – and critics were much kinder to it that anyone was expecting: the Rotten Tomatoes score of 77% is higher than the two previous movies combined (42% and 23%, respectively).

The movie already has at least one superstar fan: John Boyega.

The Force Awakens and Pacific Rim star was then asked by a fan online if he would be up for starring in the upcoming Bad Boys 4, but Boyega had a different pitch in mind:

Boyega and Oscar-nominee Daniel Kaluuya in a UK set spin-off of Bad Boys sounds like gold to us, so when JOE was lucky enough to sit down with Kaluuya in the run-up to the release of his new movie Queen & Slim, of course we had to ask him about it.

“I love John, man. I’ve known John for like 10 years now!” Kaluuya tells JOE.

“I think he’s brilliant. Attack The Block is such a brilliant performance. I would love to do it. I would love to. That’d be fun.”

When we pointed out that Bad Boys UK already has a pretty great ring to it, he wholeheartedly agrees, before pointing out that one kind of already exists.

“But there’s Bulletproof, with Noel Clarke and Ashley Waters, that is very similar. But yeah, I would love to work with John on something one day.”

So… even if we don’t get Bad Boys UK very soon, chances are we’ll see these two fantastic talents on screen together before too long.

Queen & Slim is released in Irish cinemas on Friday 31 January.

Clip via Entertainment One UK

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