Dark Phoenix filmmakers reveal the origins of the movie's new villain 2 years ago

Dark Phoenix filmmakers reveal the origins of the movie's new villain

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They answer some of the biggest questions people have been asking about the new X-Men blockbuster.

In the lead-up to the release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, JOE was lucky enough to sit down with two people who brought the latest mutant blockbuster to the big screen.


First up, we have the movie's writer and director Simon Kinberg.

Kinberg first became involved in the X-Men universe when he wrote the script for 2006's The Last Stand (which also involved the Dark Phoenix storyline), and he has also provided the scripts for 2014's Days Of Future Past and 2016's Apocalypse.

Dark Phoenix marks his directorial debut, and when JOE sat down with him, we discussed the big changes in the superhero genre in the 13 years since his first superhero movie was released, and the very interesting origins for Jessica Chastain's unique villain within this new movie.

And next, we have the movie's producer Hutch Parker.

Parker's first time producing within the X-Men universe was 2013's The Wolverine, and he produced Days Of Future Past and Apocalypse, as well the brilliant Logan.

So when JOE sat down with Parker, we had to ask what was his reaction to Simon Kinberg telling him that he wanted to tackle the Dark Phoenix saga again, and why they felt it was time to give that particular story another go.


There is also a discussion about how the X-Men movies find the perfect cast members (remember, Hugh Jackman and James Marsden were pretty much unknowns when the first movie came out in 2000), and the pride that the filmmakers must feel when they see their young casts all grow up to become such famous and talented performers.

Check out that interview in full here:

JOE also had the chance to chat with two of the movie's stars, Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner, and you can check out that interview right here.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is released in Irish cinemas from Wednesday 5 June.


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