25 years later, we're still not fully over the weirdest sex scene ever filmed 4 years ago

25 years later, we're still not fully over the weirdest sex scene ever filmed

“I mean boning, the wild mambo, the hunka chunka…”

Released on 7 October 1993, Demolition Man was a weiiiiiiiiiird action movie.


Initially, it was supposed to be Steven Seagal hunting down Jean-Claude Van Damme, but Van Damme didn't want to play the bad guy, and asked to swap roles with Seagal. He didn't want to be the bad guy either, so they both dropped out.

Then Stallone came on board and wanted Jackie Chan to play the bad guy, who also turned it down because he didn't want his Asian fanbase to see him in a villainous role.

They eventually landed Wesley Snipes and the making of the film could go forward.

A film that features Dennis Leary giving one of his infamous angry speeches, Snipes going full-racist in a museum, the word "homicide" inexplicably replaced with "murder death kill", and then there is everything to do with those three seashells...


Despite all that, the real speed-bump in an otherwise fiercely enjoyable sci-fi action movie is the sex scene, and the reasons for that are two-fold.

Number One: The sex scene itself.

Perhaps considering that the director (Marco Brambilla, who went on to do... very little after this...) started his career as a visual installation artist, it should be no surprise that he took to the challenge of this sex scene with a bit of a unique take.

Which might be why this comes across like an LSD-laced glitch in the system, as Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock have on orgasmic fit online, while sitting several feet away from each other.


It is... not erotic.

Clip via lurgen86

While that is a problem all by itself, there is a pervading theory over the years that... we don't know how to tell you this... but it would appear that Sandra Bullock might actually be Sly Stallone's daughter in this movie.


We find out pretty early on that Stallone lost his wife in the horrific LA civil war, and has been led to believe that his daughter was also lost in that same battle.

However, while there had been plenty of scenes of Stallone finding his daughter and being reunited with her, they were eventually cut from the finished movie, so the audience's sense of him finding his long-lost daughter had to land somewhere.

And it landed on Bullock.

So yeah, that - coupled with the weird-ass visual approach - pretty much makes it the weirdest sex scene of all time. Thank you, Demolition Man, for that if for nothing else...