Nicola Coughlan once again fights her corner on Twitter when someone slagged Derry Girls 3 years ago

Nicola Coughlan once again fights her corner on Twitter when someone slagged Derry Girls

Catch yourself on.

Nicola Coughlan was one of several characters who blew us away with their portrayal of a character on Channel 4's Derry Girls.


The show was compared to iconic pieces of comedy such as Father Ted and The Inbetweeners after only a few episodes, and every single cast member delivered excellent performances.

Coughlan is now playing Joyce Emily in a play called Miss Jean Brodie, a production that has received rave reviews from a number of critics.

Coughlan, who is no stranger to criticism, and is (unfortunately) well-versed when it comes to people critiquing her professional life.

The girls are currently competing for the title of Radio Times Comedy Champion 2018. They've made it as far as the semi-final and, sickeningly, they've come up a fellow new Irish comedy in the shape of The Young Offenders.

Radio Times recently put up a poll on their Twitter account asking users to vote for their favourite between Derry Girls and Inside No 9.


In response to this, a Twitter user replied to the tweet asking "Wtf is Derry Girls", to which Coughlan gave her own reply.

"It’s  Channel4’s most successful comedy since 2004 and the most watched series in Northern Ireland since records began, heard it’s pretty good!" she said.

Consider them told.


And as if we didn't need another reason to love her, the Galwegian actress also recently shared some never before seen footage of filming season one of Derry Girls, catching up with Orla and Erin as they partake in a challenge which makes for some seriously brilliant viewing.

What a woman.

Coughlan famously depicted the erratic do-gooder Clare on the show, who came out as the "wee lesbian" in the season's finale. The girls, writer Lisa McGee and wee English fella are set to start filming for the highly-anticipated season two later this year.