The director of The Raid has signed on for a very exciting super-villain movie 4 years ago

The director of The Raid has signed on for a very exciting super-villain movie

Time to get very excited.

All eyes were on Gareth Evans after he made the spectacular one-two punch of The Raid and The Raid 2.


He was the man behind the best part of VHS-2 (which you should really watch, if you're in any way a horror fan), but he had yet to really make any kind of mark in Hollywood.

We imagine he must have been offered pretty much every major franchise going, he decided to go smaller, with his next film Apostle, starring Dan Stevens and sounding to us an awful lot like a feature-length version of his segment in the aforementioned horror movie.

However, according to The Wrap, he has finally accepted a big movie deal this week, as he has signed on to direct the Deathstroke movie for Warner Brothers and DC.

If that character name rings a bell, it is because he was lined up to be the big bad guy in The Batman back when Ben Affleck was writing and directing.


Affleck has since dropped out of the director's chair, and has been replaced by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, War For The Planet Of The Apes), who completely ditched Affleck's script and reportedly started from scratch.

That being said, the original casting choice for Deathstroke - Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike, True Blood) - is apparently still playing the character, with Evans having "impressed DC executives with his Deathstroke pitch that the company decided to go forward with a spinoff film."


With Evans writing and directing a character so prone to OTT violence, could we possibly be getting a big-budget, adult-skewing, hyper-violent DC movie with fight sequences akin to what we got in The Raid movies?

We can but dream...