Disney to begin work on a Marvel Land at their theme parks 9 months ago

Disney to begin work on a Marvel Land at their theme parks

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That is our next holiday planned out in full!

22 movies, and just shy of $22 billion at the worldwide box office, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, as the Ancient Romans used to say, a little bit popular.

The Star Wars-themed sections, Galaxy's Edge, are already hugely popular, despite only opening in California on May 31, and set to open in Florida this August, with Paris set to get their version before too long, too.

So following in their money-making footsteps, The Los Angeles Times are reporting that Disney are now gearing up to make some Marvel-themed sections in their parks, with rumours already circulating that there is construction happening in what used to be the A Bug's Life section in the California park.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, including when any of this is expected to open, with full details expected to arrive during the Disney convention in August this year.

But so far the rumours circulating tell us that the new section will involve visitors assisting Spider-Man in fighting villains in the area, using some top-of-the-line technology to give the non-superheroes the full immersion they'll need in order to feel like they can take on some of the biggest and baddest MCU baddies.

This should also mean that visitors will get to hang out with members of the MCU themselves (in much the same way that you can currently hang out with any number of the Disney movies as they stroll around the Disney parks streets). So if it was your dream to run up and hug Thor, or ask Black Widow for a high-five, then it might be time for you to get excited!

Of course, the back-and-forth between the parks and the movie's isn't just one way. The Pirates Of The Caribbean began life as a sort of water-based ghost-train ride, before we got five movies out of it, while Jungle Cruise (starring The Rock and Emily Blunt), also based on a sort of water-based spooky train ride, is due to arrive in cinemas in July 2020.

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