The 10 must-watch new (and old) arrivals coming to Disney+ in July 1 month ago

The 10 must-watch new (and old) arrivals coming to Disney+ in July

Including some exclusive movies and some very recent cinema releases!

Might this be the first month in a while without a new Marvel and/or Star Wars project kicking off on the streaming platform? It just might be!


Not to worry though, because there are still plenty more options to choose from in July, kicking off with...

The Princess - 1 July

It is a fairytale as old as time... a princess turns down a marriage proposal from a cruel suitor, so she is kidnapped and kept in the top of a tower. The difference here is that the princess is also a warrior, so she begins the long battle to freedom. The Raid meets Tangled, basically.


Copycat - 8 July

Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter try oh-so-very-hard to come up with their answer to The Silence of the Lambs. This serial killer thriller doesn't get close, but it still a brilliant example of trashily entertaining '90s movies.

The Bob's Burger Movie - 13 July

Yes, this movie arrived in cinemas mere weeks ago, but if you missed it then and love the show, you'll be happy to hear that can catch it on Disney soon!


Check out our interview with the voice cast right here:

Flee - 15 July

The first film to ever be nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Documentary, Best International Film and Best Animated Feature, this powerful film follows the story of a man under the alias Amin Nawabi, who shares his hidden past of fleeing his country for the first time. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes!


Personal Shopper - 22 July

Before the recent one-two punch of Spencer and Crimes of the Future proved to the world that she is to be taken very seriously as a performer, those in the know were well aware of Kristen Stewart's phenomenal turn in this slow-burn supernatural psychological thriller.

Under The Banner Of Heaven - 27 July

This mini-series from the director of Hell or High Water and the Oscar-winning writer of Milk is based on the true story of a police detective (Andrew Garfield) who has his faith shaken by the murder of a Mormon mother and her baby daughter. The impressive cast also includes Sam Worthington, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Rory Culkin and Wyatt Russell.

All seven episodes will be available from Wednesday, 27 July.


The Last Man on Earth - 27 July

Created by and starring Will Forte, initially we spend time with Philip, the last human survivor of a virus that killed everyone else on the planet. At least that is what he thinks, until he begins to cross paths with more and more survivors. The show comes from the comedic geniuses behind 21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

All four seasons will be available from Wednesday, 27 July.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed - 29 July

An incredible tense three-hander, involving two kidnappers (Martin Compston and Eddie Marsan) and the woman (Gemma Arterton) they've just abducted. Why they've kidnapped her and what their plans are with the ransom money will slowly be revealed...

Not Okay - 29 July

A darkly comic tale about a young woman (Zoey Deutch) who fakes a trip to Paris in order to gain some online followers, only for a string of terrorist attacks in the French capital to take place, and she begins to fold that tragedy into her fake narrative.

Handsome Devil - 29 July

Fionn O'Shea, Moe Dunford and Andrew Scott star in this very entertaining comedy drama about a shy school student who befriends the class jock. So, basically the same plot as Netflix's Heartstopper? It was one of our picks for the best Irish LGBTQI+ movies of all time:

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