Which two stars would you like to see paired up in a film that haven't starred together before? 3 years ago

Which two stars would you like to see paired up in a film that haven't starred together before?

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Be it a rom-com or a buddy-cop movie, we want your dream pairings.

This week sees the release of Gemini Man, in which Will Smith is paired up with... well, another Will Smith.


Big Willie has natural on-screen charisma with just about everyone he shares the big screen with, so matching him with someone of the same level of charisma can be tough, a problem that Gemini Man gets around by pairing him with himself.

Which got us to thinking, we've previously asked The Big Question about what was the best movie duo of all time, but this week, we want to put you in the producer role and answer us this: Which movie pairing would you most like to see that hasn't happened yet?

It is a tough one, because when you think about it, a lot of big screen pairings have already happened, with this year alone giving us the legendary likes of The Rock and Jason Statham (Hobbs & Shaw), Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry (John Wick Chapter 3), Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood), Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro (Joker) and, eh, Gerard Butler and Nick Nolte (Angel Has Fallen).

So get your casting caps on, while you check out The Big Reviewski's answers below, from 03:05...


Paul went with Keanu Reeves and Paul Rudd, two of Hollywood's nicest guys, and both apparently possessing the immortality gene. What kind of movie would he like to see them both in? "John Wick 4, and Paul Rudd is the head of the crime family," Paul responded. And we would totally watch that movie.

Eoghan went for a duo of his man-crushes too, going for Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell. We don't need to know anything more about the movie. Just put the two of them in it and we're there.

And finally, Rory went with Charlize Theron and Leonardo DiCaprio, just because he wanted two of the sexiest stars in the world to share the big screen. "Some kind of Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type movie", where they try to kill each other with guns. And also with sex. Very on brand for Rory, to be fair.


So tell us, which two would you like to see in a movie together?

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