Season 3 of Drive to Survive coming to Netflix next month 1 week ago

Season 3 of Drive to Survive coming to Netflix next month

Season 3 of the hit series is now less than four weeks away.

When Drive to Survive, a docu-series about Formula 1 first landed on Netflix, not many could have imagined just how popular it would become.


While many may have looked at it and assumed that you would need to be an F1 superfan to have any interest, it quickly emerged that this was not the case.

Before long, the series was actually turning people into Formula 1 fans, purely off the back of the excitement of the show.

The drama. The tension. The CHAOS. You can't beat it.

So as you can imagine, we are quite excited to learn that Season 3 of the show is coming to Netflix next month.

The new trailer for the upcoming season shows that that intensity we associate with the series has not gone anywhere.

"We have no idea what's gonna happen."

A spokesperson for Netflix itself said: "Intense battles, fierce rivalries, unexpected podiums and Lewis Hamilton’s incredible seventh world title will ensure the series is one of the most action packed yet."


Season 3 of Drive to Survive drops on Netflix on 19 March.