Dwayne Johnson pulls back the curtain on big story arc in DC superhero universe 7 months ago

Dwayne Johnson pulls back the curtain on big story arc in DC superhero universe

"I see that eyebrow raise - you can see what's coming!"

Dwayne Johnson has pulled back the curtain on a big story arc in the DC superhero universe.


Johnson is currently appearing in Black Adam. Starring Johnson and Pierce Brosnan, the DC Universe movie follows the anti-hero in his debut on the big screen, after he is resurrected by archaeologist and freedom fighter Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi).

The movie has received a lukewarm reception from critics, it seems like fans and the public are much more satisfied by the DC latest offering - and it's now an unprecedented success for the Rock. According to Rotten TomatoesBlack Adam scored an opening weekend box office haul of $67 million in the US and $140 million worldwide.

After Black Adam, Johnson's next best performing movie is Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, which raked in $60 million, followed by Jumanji: The Next Level at $59.2 million.

Black Adam currently has an impressive 90% audience score on the movie review aggregator website. This is in contrast to the reaction from critics, with the film earning a 39% score from reviews. Metacritic has the average review score at a slightly higher 41/100.

Johnson has made it clear that he'd much rather please fans than critics. Tweeting his thanks to fans for the 90 percent audience score, he said: "In the end, the only thing that matter to me is sending the people home happy. And that's what I'll always fight for."

Following on from the film, there's one major showdown that DC fans would love to see: Henry Cavill's Superman taking on The Rock's Black Adam.

The man himself spoke to JOE about the possibility of an "earth-shattering" clash between the pair, and his admiration for Cavill's "hardcore" workout regime.

"I've known Henry for a few years," Johnson told us. "He's a buddy of mine.

"His work-out regimen is pretty hardcore. We have the same strength and conditioning coach. I'm very glad you brought him up because I know there's a gift that's coming up in Black Adam for the fans. This idea of myself and Henry Cavill working out together, ahead of some showdown, down the line, is fun to say.

"The truth is, a Black Adam and superman showdown is earth-shattering... that would just be a moment, though, in a bigger story that we want to be told in the right way."

'The Rock for James Bond?"

Johnson has said that he’s far more interested in playing James Bond than a villain in the action joint.

The actor’s grandfather Peter Maivia, who was also a wrestler, played a “bad guy” opposite Sean Connery in the 1967 Bond film You Only Live Twice.

In a new interview, Johnson was asked what film series he’d most like to appear in, when he recalled his family connection to 007.

“You know my grandfather was in You Only Live Twice?” he told LadBible. “He was, he was a bad guy in You Only Live Twice. He had this amazing fight scene with Sean Connery. Yeah, I could see that... I would easily say James Bond.”

Adding that he would also like to appear in a Star Wars film, he continued: “I see myself as James Bond. F*** the villain! An American Bond? It can happen, right? It’s like Henry Cavill playing Superman.”


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