Edge makes electrifying return at WWE Royal Rumble 3 years ago

Edge makes electrifying return at WWE Royal Rumble

An absolutely massive return for the Rated-R Superstar.

The WWE Royal Rumble went down in the early hours of Monday morning and the show was chaotic as ever.


British wrestler Drew McIntyre was the last man standing, winning the Royal Rumble, but there was one man dominating the headlines on Monday, the Rated-R Superstar himself, Edge.

Edge was a fan favourite in the wrestling organisation back in the day, but he was forced to retire through injury in 2009.

Rumours circulated over the years that Edge had been medically cleared to return to the ring, but fans were regularly disappointed that nothing ever came of the speculation.

Until Monday morning...


Edge made his return to the delight of a packed audience in Houston, before delivering a number of spears to everyone in sight.

He eliminated three participants in the Royal Rumble, before being eliminated himself by Roman Reigns.

It's unclear whether he is back for good, but based on how he was moving in the ring, we would expect to see him again soon enough, perhaps in a feud against Roman Reigns.

Take a look here:


Clip via WWE

Quite simply put, you love to see it. What a reaction.