Here are the EIGHT movies coming to cinemas in March that we're very excited about 3 years ago

Here are the EIGHT movies coming to cinemas in March that we're very excited about

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Pixar! Disney classics reimagined! Vin Diesel!

Spring has sprung, and we're already heading into early blockbuster season!


There are a lot of big screen releases we recommend over the next month, and chances are you'll want to watch them all.

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ONWARD (Friday 6 March)


Disney and Pixar are going the magical route, as two brothers (voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) discover a wizard's staff that will reunite them with their dead Dad for a limited amount of time. The voice cast also consists of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (VEEP, Seinfeld) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures, The Help), and the plot - which sounds like an animated version of About Time - is almost definitely going to make us cry.

Clip via Disney Ireland

BLOODSHOT (Wednesday 11 March)


Vin Diesel is taking on another comic book character, although admittedly this one isn't nearly as famous as one of the members of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, but it is A LOT more violent. He plays a "murdered" soldier who is injected with a serum that gives him Wolverine-esque regenerative powers, but instead of being happy about it, he decides to kill all the soldiers and army folk who used him as a guinea pig.

Clip via Sony Pictures Ireland

CALM WITH HORSES (Friday 13 March)


Barry Keoghan, Niamh Algar, and Cosmo Jarvis star in this tense, dark drama about the heavy of a gang (Jarvis), who is trying to get his life back on the straight and narrow so he can spend more time with his son and his ex-girlfriend (Algar), but the pull of the gang's leader (Keoghan) keeps him from being the good man he wants to be.

Clip via Element Pictures Distribution

THE HUNT (Friday 13 March)

Already a massively controversial thriller - mostly because Donald Trump has been tweeting about it, resulting in it briefly being pulled from release schedules entirely - deals with the story of a group of random people who find themselves involved in being hunted by the rich and bored. Expect some serious think-pieces on this one when it arrives.


Clip via Universal Pictures Ireland

A QUIET PLACE PART II (Friday 20 March)

John Krasinksi is back to direct the sequel to the hit low-volume horror, as is his real-life wife Emily Blunt, who is attempting to bring her children to a safe zone, through the alien-infested streets of America, before crossing paths with Cillian Murphy. Not too much more about the plot is known, but from the early trailers we do know that it will be suitably terrifying.

Clip via Paramount Pictures UK

PETER RABBIT 2 (Friday 20 March)

Easter break is practically upon us, and family films will be the order of the day. James Corden returns as the titular bunny, who decides to run away from home in an act of defiance after Rose Byrne and Domhnall Gleeson get married and start giving him less and less attention. Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, and Sia all chip in on the impressive voice cast list.

Clip via Sony Pictures Ireland

VIVARIUM (Friday 20 March)

Ireland dips its toe into the world of sci-fi/horror, as Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Imogen Poots (Green Room) are the happy couple who go house-hunting and find themselves in the middle of a suburbian estate with apparently no way out.

Clip via WildCard Distribution

MULAN (Friday 27 March)

The latest in the animated-classic-gets-a-live-action-makeover from Disney, but this one does seem to be taking an epic route, following as much in the footsteps of their own Eddie Murphy-as-a-dragon original as it does the likes of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Clip via Disney Ireland

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