Eight of our favourite Mayor Quimby moments in The Simpsons 9 years ago

Eight of our favourite Mayor Quimby moments in The Simpsons

Tomorrow marks 50 years since the assassination of JFK and to mark the occasion in a roundabout way, we decided to recall some of the best moments of a man to whom he bears remarkable similarities.

It’s hard to believe half a century has passed since one of the most infamous moments in history and one that still sparks ‘I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot’ conversations amongst the older generation.


We could have remembered JFK by detailing his incredibly strong links with Ireland, by recalling his most famous speeches or by, eh, mentioning the many women in his life, but instead we decided to honour his memory in a way our readers might enjoy a little more.

The Simpsons character Mayor ‘Diamond Joe’ Quimby isn’t modelled only on JFK and includes character traits of other members of the Kennedy clan but there are a number of striking similarities between him and the former President, not least his accent, his flair for public speaking and his love for the ladies.

Tenuous link we know, but we barely needed an excuse to show some of his finest moments and there are even some references to JFK himself in the show for good measure.

Quimby meets Barry White



Quimby having a ‘quiet night in with the eh, wife’


Quimby’s nephew’s pronunciation of ‘chowder’



Quimby’s electoral campaign song

Quimby introducing Leonard Nimoy



Honk at that broad!


Oliver Stone guest directs an episode of Itchy and Scratchy (Based on the movie JFK)



JFK and Nixon star in 1960 Duff ad